Pathetic sideshow totally off-color

Editorial | Mary Ma 27 Jul 2021

As the whole of Hong Kong went into a state of euphoria over our magnificent Olympic gold medal yesterday, there was a pathetic sideshow over a jersey worn by the SAR's top badminton player during a match at the Games.

Player Angus Ng Ka-long's choice of a black jersey that did not feature an SAR emblem irked DAB member Nicholas Muk Ka-chun so much that he felt compelled to post a condemnation on his Facebook page

The whole event was much ado about nothing - but, nonetheless, the damning message he posted won Muk many likes from like-minded netizens.

The Facebook page is no longer accessible. Did Muk withdraw his social media page? Or did Facebook take the initiative to remove the page in light of the controversy?

Muk is in the best position to clarify.

It's most unfortunate for Hong Kong that certain colors are needlessly given special meanings following months of violent protests in 2019.

When black and white were subjectively related to violence by some, blue and yellow were linked to opposite ideologies.

Such color differentiation does Hong Kong no good and it's time for everyone to resume normal vision.

Muk's going out of his way to point an accusing finger at Ng was absolutely uncalled for as the badminton player and other athletes from the SAR are fighting hard on the frontline to win medals for Hong Kong.

Chief of the Hong Kong delegation, Pui Kwan-kay, made a lot of good sense as he urged Muk and his peers who are also color hypersensitive to stop politicizing the incident.

Pui was right to stress that all athletes, including Ng, are proud to represent Hong Kong and it is crucial to allow them to focus on the competition.

So who exactly is Muk?

Few people were probably even aware of his existence prior to the jersey attack despite his membership in the SAR's biggest political party.

Ng's explanation for wearing the Lululemon sports T-shirt was irrelevant to the question. At the center of the issue was someone going out of his way to launch a scathing attack about nothing.

Was Muk desperate to get himself known in the highly competitive political circles here?

It's probable that, while many young political aspirants have been waiting for an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, Muk may have believed that Ng's jersey could give him just such an opportunity that he had been waiting for.

Yes, he has made himself better known in politics after savaging the badminton player - though in a negative sense.

In the new political normal, some may end up successful by pointing fingers, like those whose repeated complaints about a comic featuring talking sheep forced the police to make arrests over a book.

However, there are also bound to be incidents in which complaints may backfire - as in the case of Muk.

The fuss over the jersey will come to an end very soon.

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