Really ugly sights to behold

Editorial | Mary Ma 8 Jan 2021

Was it really a beautiful sight to behold?

Beijing's state media Global Times was quick to take a dig at this widely reported phrase by US House of Representative speaker Nancy Pelosi in the wake of President Donald Trump's supporters storming the Capitol as the US Congress convened to certify electoral college votes to confirm Joe Biden as president.

Beijing was justified in hitting back this time around, mocking that the chicken had come back to roost.

It has always been the Chinese government's position that the anti-government protests that rocked Hong Kong in 2019 was influenced by foreign powers.

After all, it has always been China's stance to see double standards by Washington over global affairs.

But the Global Times dig did land squarely on Pelosi's face. When Hong Kong was mobbed by violence, she called the scene "a beautiful sight to behold" - and, in this particular sense, the chicken did indeed come back to roost on the top Democrat.

During the short-lived mob attack in Washington, a young woman was gunned down, reportedly near Pelosi's office inside the seat of power. Secret service agents and police were reportedly stationed outside her office with their guns drawn.

Another three people died near the scene of the confrontation, although the causes of their deaths were not immediately clear. This was a tragic outcome. Neither of the sights in Washington DC on Wednesday or in the SAR in 2019 was "beautiful."

Ironically, the deadly incident inside Congress cut short Biden's confirmation process, which would otherwise most likely have lasted many hours longer.

Republicans who had pledged to oppose the electoral college votes pulled back after the shooting, inevitably exhibiting a sense of political hypocrisy.

A dozen in the Senate and more than 100 in the House had vowed they would fight the election confirmation of Biden because of alleged fraud. Thousands of Americans had also responded to Trump's call to descend on the capital from around the country.

As soon as Vice President Mike Pence reconvened the certification meeting, these Republicans immediately backed off.

In contrast to what happened in Hong Kong in 2019, the police, national guards and secret service agents on Capitol Hill were resolute. Guns were drawn and four protesters and a young woman tragically died. That's the American way: act first, talk later.

With Trump promising an orderly transition on January 20, Biden is now undoubtedly the focus of global attention. Everybody, including Biden's opponents, seriously want to know what he may say and do.

But it can be more than that. The deadly protest surely inflicted deep wounds in the Republican camp, which will help propel the Democrats to gain further ground.

Before the November 3 vote, polls cited by the mainstream media had all pointed to a high popularity rate for Biden. But that turned out to be an illusion as the anticipated blue wave did not materialize on election day.

But the deadly twist of Trump's fight against what he insisted to be election fraud will help Biden achieve just that.

Laid before Biden is a red carpet rolled out by Trump.

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