Weekend Glitz | Elaine Chung and Natasha Tai 15 Oct 2021

The autumn/winter collection brings Marimekko's eventful 70th anniversary to a close. And fittingly, it makes a dramatic exit with a flurry of bold prints, gold jacquards and lots of dresses (Marimekko means "Mary's dress" in Finnish).

As ever, the inspiration comes from nature. Flora and fauna are used to create prints which are innovative yet familiar to fans.

The simple lines allow the eye-catching prints to stand out. Archival patterns such as Maija Isola's original Kivet (stone) from 1965, as well as Katsuji Wakisaka's original Kottarainen (starling) and Sade (raindrops) have been updated with blue tones reminiscent of the sky and sea, or a seasonal deep red.

In addition, Emma Isola, Maija Isola's granddaughter, has personally designed a new Maisema-Unikko pattern. The pattern reflects eye-catching, three-dimensional natural scenery.

The collection also uses different design elements, including details such as puffy sleeves and side-slit skirts to incorporate a feminine charm. Some dresses are designed to cinch at the waist, emphasizing the female form.

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