When the night falls

Weekend Glitz | Ivy Ong-Wood 23 Oct 2020

Byredo founder and creative director Ben Gorham believes that there is something special about nighttime.

"It's a different world of possibilities; a different version of who you are, a nocturnal sense of duality," he said. "From nocturnal blooms to animals, there is an entire part of nature that lives at night - how can we be removed from that? I know I have a completely different mindset at nightfall; it's very distinctive emotionally. It is almost the start of another life."

Just like how you slip from day clothes into evening wear, you should change your perfume too as the sun goes down, he said.

Here, we feature some sultry scents, which are heavy on the spices, musks and woods, that can see you through a romantic candlelight dinner or a night out in town.

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