Claw to the top

Weekend Glitz | Cara Chen 29 May 2020

While we may not be able to travel just yet, a fresh lobster meal is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of summer vacations.

At the Michelin-starred Ming Court at the Cordis Hong Kong in Mong Kok, executive chef Li Yuet-faat is offering a five-course Lobster Gourmet Menu (HK$698) featuring premium ingredients such as Boston lobster, fish maw and Australian wagyu beef.

Start with the lobster preserved with turnip, ginger and spring onion and chilled barbecue honey pork loin, all part of the Ming Court's duo of appetizers.

The first course is, of course, the steamed fresh lobster claw with silky smooth egg white and Chinese aged huadiao rice wine. Follow that up with a nourishing double-boiled chicken and pork shank soup with fish maw and pig's lung, served in a whole baby coconut to wash out the toxins in your body.

The main part of the meal is the sauteed fresh lobster tail with spring onion, stir-fried M9 wagyu beef cubes and garlic and lobster chow mien, with its crispy noodles absorbing all the rich broth flavors.

The menu also comes with a luxury dessert of double-boiled bird's nest with pogostemon and a hint of aged tangerine peel served in a whole pear - suitable for all seasons.

For a lighter touch, Reb Lobster in Causeway Bay serves up a fresh new take on healthy eating: seafood-loaded salad bowls. The lobster bowl (HK$158) is a veritable edible rainbow, with a mix of bell peppers, tomatoes, carrot, corn, avocado and nuts.

Other seafood toppings include shrimp (HK$98), omega-3-rich grilled salmon or seared tuna (HK$98). Non-seafood options are also available in the form of steak (HK$158) and grilled chicken (HK$98).

Prefer your lobster on a budget?

Japanese donburi chain Dondonya is serving up a scrumptious twist on its famous egg don with the lobster with egg don (HK$108), available at its Diamond Hill, Kowloon Bay, Tsing Yi and Sha Tin branches.

The meaty half-cut Canadian lobster is frozen at a low temperature to maintain its natural tenderness, while the golden creamy scrambled eggs and fragrant Miyagi Hitomebore rice are enriched by the heavenly Japanese-style lobster sauce, filling every bite with a tantalizing mix of flavors and umami.

The lobster with egg don set (HK$136) is also available for weekday lunches and offers an authentic Japanese dining experience with sashimi, sweet potato salad, miso soup and fruit tea.

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