Frightfully delightful feast

Weekend Glitz | Cara Chen 25 Oct 2019

Halloween doesn't always have to be about wild parties. Sometimes it can be a quiet sit-down with a nice meal.

Known for its retro-Indian vibes, Chaiwala presents two innovative Halloween dishes available only on October 31.

Its kumbdor chops (HK$140), a deep-fried mashed pumpkin and potato cutlet, are a tasty mix of crispy crust and moist stuffing, with coriander adding a refreshing flavor.

"We don't use the oven in traditional Indian food, but in this dish, we use it to create a moreish texture and flavor," said executive chef Prabir Banerjee.

Served with Bengali spices, including yellow mustard, fennel and cumin seeds, it creates an unforgettable flavor of subtle sweetness and intense spiciness.

For the main course, tawa murgh seena (HK$180), chicken breasts are cooked traditionally. They are marinated with chili, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice and Indian herbs, then grilled over a hot tawa, a flat frying pan commonly used in India.

Served with pumpkin puree and beetroot sauce the plump chicken breasts have a hint of sweet, sour, and spice.

"Although India is a multireligious country, Halloween is not popular," said Banerjee. "We usually use pumpkin only in curry, but these two dishes use a lot of pumpkins, which is a creative way of making Indian dishes with Halloween characteristics."

Dim sum eatery Yum Cha is offering seven innovative Halloween dishes until October 31, serving traditional Cantonese dim sum with a haunting twist.

A treat for the eyes and the mouth, its famed steamed shrimp dumplings (HK$49 for three) turn traditional har gow into horrifying edible eyeballs. The steamed mummy sausage buns (HK$49 for two) has traditional Chinese sausages wrapped in a warm, soft dough, with tiny eyes peering out from the mummy's wrapping as you bite into the bun.

And don't be alarmed if the waiter brings you a pot of dirt. It is actually mochi with chocolate and peanut chips (HK$28).

If you plan to explore Ocean Park's ghostly attractions, don't miss the opportunity to sample their restaurants' Halloween dishes.

Cafe Ocean continues the horrors of the neighboring Psycho Terror Zone by serving the Bloody St Dino Halloween Fest Set Menu (HK$298) on October 25, 26, 27, 31, November 2 and 3.

Featuring rats, cockroaches, and creepy-crawlies, the set includes spaghetti, abalone, and diced chicken fried rice, arancini, blackened pebbles made from mussels, with a chocolate tart that features a ghoulish hand made of icing sugar, and a refreshing orange soda drink.

At Ocean Park's Summit Green Gate Mobile Food Cart, enjoy a coffin-style hot dog and grilled shrimp skewers with garlic herbs set (HK$100), available until November 3.

Using beef franks imported from the renowned Nathan's of New York and topped with Japanese black curry sauce, they make for a truly heart-racing treat.

And if you feel like a drink on this midnight deary, Madame Ching in Wan Chai is offering the Eye of Ching (HK$110) - but only on October 31.

Its bloody hue is created from a Dewar's whiskey and vermouth base, Cointreau, watermelon juice, and most importantly, an edible eyeball.

Meanwhile, Meats is offering two hellishly creative pours, making it the perfect party host in the bustling Soho district.

Taters & Spice (HK$95) made with spiced rum, sweet potato, and pineapple juice is garnished with a tart lemon meringue.

Comprising Dewar's whiskey and pickle juice, the Pickleback (HK$55) packs a big punch, which is not to be missed if you are looking for a wild night out.

From 10pm to midnight tonight and November 1, if you see a flash mob of eight revelers in costumes in Lan Kwai Fong and Wyndham Street, don't hesitate to approach them for complimentary shots of Don Julio, a brand of distilled Mexican raw agave.

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