Murder suspect has left police safe house

Top News | Carine Chow 15 Oct 2021

The suspect in a Taiwan murder, Chan Tong-kai, who lives in a remote rural area, is now being looked after by his mother after he left a police safe house three months ago.

He is living with his mother occasionally now, with his three meals being taken care of, says Reverend Canon Peter Koon Ho-ming.

There are also no restrictions imposed on daily activities such as surfing the internet or watching television.

Koon, who has been assisting Chan and speaking on his behalf, said Chan had left a safe house operated by police after the force's assessment in June. He cannot easily have interaction with others in his new place, Koon added. He did not disclose the location, which he described as "deep in the hill."

Koon added Chan is still waiting for Taiwanese authorities' approval for his visa.

Chan was arranged to move to a rural area between June and July, sources said.

Chan was released from jail in October 2019. He was held for money laundering after he used the property of his girlfriend, Amber Poon Hiu-wing, whom he admitted killing on a Valentine's Day trip to Taiwan in 2018.

But he was never sent to Taiwan to face the murder charges due to the absence of an extradition agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Police had been offering 24-7 protection to Chan in a safe house after his release from prison but they found it was impossible to protect Chan indefinitely.

Poon's mother made an appeal on internet media on Tuesday, expressing her grief and pain at the knowledge that Chan, now a free man, can roam the city if he so wishes. It is still unknown when Chan will be tried for murder, she said.

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