'Noble stabber' judge back on unrest cases

Top News | Maisy Mok 30 Jul 2021

District court judge Kwok Wai-kin, who once called a pro-government stabber "noble," has been allowed to handle unrest-related cases again.

Kwok had not been allowed to adjudicate in criminal proceedings involving protesters from the 2019 unrest since last April after sympathizing with a tour guide who stabbed three people in front of a Lennon Wall inside a Tseung Kwan O tunnel in 2019.

Kwok praised Tony Hung Chun, 51, for "showing noble qualities" in his concern for the injured victims in his mitigation letter. He also compared protesters' actions to terrorist conduct and sentenced Hung to 45 months in jail.

Kwok was scheduled to hear unrest-related cases yesterday afternoon, including two involving people charged with helping protesters in Polytechnic University escape a police siege in 2019.

However, the judiciary spokesman said those cases have been heard by other judges as Kwok is involved in one of the cases.

In addressing Kwok's controversial remark last May, chief justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li said judges must refrain from giving unnecessary opinions in public on matters that are controversial or might be adjudicated in court.

"This is particularly so with political views," he added.

The judiciary said yesterday Chief Justice Andrew Cheung Kui-nung has approved Kwok for assisting in cases related to social issues after considering factors including his work performance in the past year and judicial manpower.

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