Station boasts new features - and blast from distant past

Top News | 10 Jun 2021

Michael Shum

MTR passengers will be able to see the bottom of a Song Dynasty well in the new Sung Wong Toi station that will open this month.

With the full commissioning of the Tuen Ma Line on June 27, two new stations - Sung Wong Toi and To Kwa Wan - will open to public.

Sung Wong Toi has a rich historic background and numerous relics were excavated during the station's construction, including ceramic vases and incense burners from the Song and Yuan dynasties to mid 20th century. A stone well which could be more than 1,000 years old was found there and will be preserved at the site.

The Antiquities and Monuments Office said over 400 archaeological finds will be displayed at the station, mainly currencies used in the Song dynasty, vases and construction parts.

"Daily necessities from the late-19th to mid-20th centuries will be displayed in the station, with the aid of historical photos, maps and QR codes to illustrate archaeological work, finds and history," the office said.

Passengers will not be able to see the ancient well when the station opens as in-situ reinstatement has yet to be finished. Part of the station's ceiling will be converted to a transparent panel, allowing passengers to view the well - from below - in the future.

The station has three entrances and a fourth may be added later depending on the results of an archaeological survey. The entrances will serve the future Kai Tak Development area. People will be able to use entrance B to arrive at Kowloon City in five minutes, the MTR Corp said.

To Kwa Wan station's entrances connect to Lok Shan Road, Kiang Su Street and To Kwa Wan Market. As it is sandwiched by nearby buildings, the station is designed with single-sided platforms due to underground space constraints, which means the platform serving each direction will be located on two different floors.

The Tuen Ma Line will be the first to be equipped with a "train car loading indicator," which will notify waiting passengers about the seats and standing space on each car of the next train.

A green indicator on information screens signify cars that are spacious. It will turn yellow when more passengers board. Red means the car is crowded.

After the full commissioning of the line, some bus routes will be canceled - including route 11 between Diamond Hill and Kowloon stations. It will be halted six months after. Kowloon City district councillor Ma Hei-pang slammed the Transport Department for the lack of consultation over the cancellation of bus routes.

"I heard a lot of people say the demand for route 11 is huge - with many elderly and those in need taking it to places like Queen Elizabeth Hospital," Ma said. "If it is canceled, many will be forced to take the MTR, but neither Jordan station nor Yau Ma Tei station are near Queen Elizabeth - and that is depriving people of their rights."

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