July 21 ordeal described

Top News | Wallis Wang 26 Feb 2021

"White-shirted" men got emotional and started banging at glass barriers and turnstiles at Yuen Long MTR station after they spotted former pro-democracy lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, a witness testified at District Court yesterday.

There were around 30 people dressed in white T-shirts near a Yuen Long MTR station exit on the night of July 21, 2019, scolding citizens with rattan sticks and umbrellas in their hands, the court heard on the fourth day of the trial involving six men charged with rioting and wounding with intent.

The witness, A, who testified anonymously, told judge Eddie Yip Chor-man yesterday that he and his wife got on a West Rail train at Nam Cheong station at 10.25pm and arrived at Yuen Long at 10.43pm.

"A" said he and his wife did not get off the train at first because he already knew there was an attack at the station and saw around 10 white-clad men on the platform.

"There are people attacking others [in the concourse] no matter what color clothes they are wearing. Do not get off here if possible and go to Tuen Mun station instead," the man recalled some people on the platform warning him as they arrived at the station.

But the train did not leave the station after he and his wife waited for a number of minutes. They then planned to leave Yuen Long by Light Rail.

He recalled there was a pool of blood and a broken stick on the ground when they arrived on the concourse. Lam and around 20 people were also in the paid area.

About 20 to 30 white-clad men and women were wandering outside exit F, the witness said.

People in the paid area were frightened and did not know what had happened, he said, and Lam told them he had called the police and officers should be arriving soon. Those in white shirts then became emotional when they saw Lam and began banging at the glass barriers and turnstiles with wooden and rattan sticks, A said. People in the paid area also yelled at the white-clad people.

A 10-minute video taken by the witness was also played in court. It showed most of the white-clad people holding sticks or umbrellas, with some also waving Hong Kong flags and signs with the words "protect our homeland" on them.

Profanity was heard on the video from both sides, with someone also saying: "I was hit by a water bottle."

People in the paid area were seen opening their umbrellas in the video, and "A" explained that they were protecting themselves because the "white shirts" were attacking them with wooden and rattan sticks, umbrellas and water bottles.

"A" also said fewer than half of people in the paid area wore black shirts, with some in white and gray.

He told the court a female journalist was beaten with a rattan stick by a middle-aged man in a pink shirt when she stepped out of the turnstiles to film.

The witness then jumped the turnstiles to help the reporter, but he was attacked by two to three people as soon as he left the paid area. He said he was beaten with wooden sticks or something harder and that his mobile phone also broken during the attack.

The six defendants are transport worker Wong Chi-wing, 55, cable worker Wong Ying-kit, 49, merchant Tang Wai-sum, 62, driver Ng Wai-nam, 58, mechanic Choi Lap-ki, 40 and retiree Tang Ying-bun, 61. They have denied the charges of rioting and wounding with intent. The trial continues today.

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