Noise patrol ends in attack on 11-year-old

Top News | Erin Chan 26 Jan 2021

An elderly man headbutted and punched a boy after the 11-year-old failed to dissuade groups of noisy dancing and chatting seniors to be quiet in a Tin Shui Wai park.

The man with short hair and thick eyebrows remains at large. The case was classified as common assault, police said yesterday.

The 11-year-old, Joel Wang Ji-zu, is the founder of Tin Shui Wai Community Concern Group, whose members are 13 years old on average.

Wang reported to the police and went to Tin Shui Wai Hospital for treatment on Sunday after being punched in the mouth and abdomen.

The assault happened around 5pm on Sunday when Wang was patrolling Tin Sau Road Park with his assistant, Jayden Cheung Ho-ting, he said in a Facebook live stream.

They approached groups of elderly spectators and dancing middle-aged women after receiving complaints about the noise.

Wang and his assistant asked the crowd to lower their voices but the two were met with verbal abuse from the elderly man.

He headbutted Wang and punched him. Wang's assistant also suffered a few blows.

In a subsequent attempt to attack Wang again, the man accidentally pushed an elderly woman who tried to stop the attack, causing her to fall.

Wang slammed security guards at the scene for not acting and being "bystanders".

He added: "The guards just told me and my assistant to stop arguing with the man. They were condoning the man's actions."

He also thanked the woman who tried to help him out, saying he would be "minced meat otherwise."

Wang said he and the elderly man got off on the wrong foot first on Saturday, when he approached him among groups in the park about the noise.

He said that he had received noise complaints about the park since late last month.

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