Highway close shave in flying wheel

Top News | Erin Chan 25 Jan 2021

A flying wheel has scared a motorcyclist into thinking twice about whether to give up driving after he narrowly escaped death when the wheel of a truck in front barely missed him on a highway.

The 37-year-old motorcyclist, Lo, was taken to the hospital after sustaining minor injuries to his hands.

The accident occurred on Tsing Kwai Highway Saturday when a flying wheel, which came loose from a moving truck, bounced across an embankment toward Lo, who was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction.

Lo immediately swerved his motorcycle from the fast lane into the slow one in an attempt to dodge the loose wheel, whereas the 37-year-old truck driver, Yeung, screeched his vehicle to a halt.

Lo almost lost control before he managed to regain balance in seconds.

The loose wheel then crashed into a car behind Lo, causing the vehicle's bumper to come off.

The incident was captured on dashcam footage that was uploaded onto the internet.

Later, police combed a section of the highway to investigate the accident.

A separate video uploaded by Lo captured the damage to his motorcycle, including a ruptured water tank.

"I luckily escaped the misfortune [death] this time I might give up driving later," Lo said in the video.

In a similar accident in Yau Ma Tei in December, a wheel came off a dump truck, but no one was injured.

The driver was heading to Kwai Chung along a bridge on Gascoigne Road when the incident happened.

The case was classified as "dangerous driving."

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