Retired lady cop fights 'kissing bandit' charges

Top News | Carine Chow 20 Nov 2020

A 68-year-old retired policewoman is fighting charges she kissed a young man - with whom she was quarreling - on the mouth and threatened to do it again.

Ng Yip Suk-fun is on trial at the West Kowloon Magistrates' Court after pleading not guilty to indecent assault and two counts of common assault.

She is accused of kissing a 27-year-old man while he was filming her at a park at Hoi Lai Estate in Cheung Sha Wan on September 5 last year.

The man, referred to as Mr X in court, testified behind a screen yesterday. He said he saw over 100 people arguing when he arrived at the park at 10pm. He then heard someone accusing a woman of beating others.

Mr X then took his mobile to capture was happening. After Ng asked Mr X why he was filming her, the man asked whether it is illegal to film her.

Ng then kissed him, Mr X said, adding he stepped back and wiped his mouth as he was afraid that she would kiss him again. Ng again asked Mr X why he was filming her and smacked his phone, which hit the right side of his face, he said.

In footage shown by the prosecution, a woman wearing a red top was scolding the crowd and someone accused her of beating others. Ng was defending the woman, saying police should smack the "masked cockroaches," which sparked a heated debate.

In the middle of this Ng kissed Mr X, he said, after which the crowd shouted "disgusting" and asked him to keep Ng's saliva as evidence.

Ng then moved forward and attempted again to kiss Mr X, who pushed her away. Ng then said "I will kiss you again," Mr X said.

Police arrived and arrested both Ng and Mr X, who was warned they could also charge him with common assault as he pushed Ng away. He was released on police bail.

Lawyers representing Ng questioned Mr X if he had wanted to upload the video online and doxx Ng and her husband, as the pair were police officers.

The defense said Ng accidentally touched his lips, adding she should not have been charged with indecent assault.

The hearing continues today.

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