Lam urges end to US 'suppression' of HK

Top News | Michael Shum and Mandy Zheng 4 Nov 2020

Whoever is the next American president should not "suppress Hong Kong out of political reasons," Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor hopes.

Lam said yesterday the relationship between Hong Kong and the United States was mutually beneficial. The president-elect should consider US ties comprehensively and not cause impacts to Hong Kong out of political suppression.

"We often say the relation between Hong Kong and the US, in different aspects, is a long-term and mutually beneficial one, and we cannot say either one has the upper hand," Lam said.

Her hope is that the president will consider US ties with Hong Kong comprehensively, including the interests of many US companies in the SAR and their employees, and "will not cause an unreasonable impact to Hong Kong arbitrarily, out of political suppression."

Lam was among 11 Hong Kong and mainland officials sanctioned by Washington for undermining Hong Kong's autonomy after the national security law took effect on July 1.

Meanwhile, Hongkongers who have migrated to the United States voiced divided opinions before the election.

A Hongkonger in Los Angeles, surnamed Yu, said she voted for Joe Biden, whom she described as someone who "believes in science and is empathetic."

Yu added: "There's a lot of saying that Trump had cut taxes and built a good environment for business. But I'm sorry, how much is a human life worth?"

"I can't link lives with the economy and GDP.

"This election makes my whole family so nervous - it is more nerve-wracking than watching a movie!"

However, Mr Chan, a septuagenarian retiree in California, said he favored Trump's tough approach toward China.

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