Flu jab link to deaths shot down

Top News | Mary Ann Benitez 30 Oct 2020

The World Health Organization has found no evidence of a "causal relationship" between deaths in South Korea and influenza vaccination, the Department of Health said yesterday.

Doubts and anxiety have persisted over the safety of the seasonal vaccine after the Korean incidents as governments - including Hong Kong - encourage people to get shots amid the double whammy threat of flu and Covid-19 this winter.

"According to information from WHO and health authorities from South Korea, the epidemiological investigations and death inquiry did not reveal any evidence suggesting causal relationship between the deaths and flu vaccination," the department said.

It added that the batches of vaccines from French giant Sanofi supplied to Hong Kong "are not the same as those used in South Korea."

No vaccines from the Hong Kong drug registration records are manufactured in South Korea. There are currently 25 registered flu vaccines in the city.

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