Jobs for 1,000 youngsters as China Resources bets on HK

Top News | Michael Shum 28 Oct 2020

China Resources Group has good news for job-seekers amid the high unemployment rate - it will recruit 1,000 Hongkongers, including 400 management trainees targeting fresh graduates and final-year students.

The state-owned conglomerate aims to recruit up to 2,000 locals by 2022, saying it is "full of confidence in Hong Kong's development."

The group said its three-year large-scale recruitment program starts today.

"The program aims to recruit 1,000 new employees from Hong Kong by the end of this year and reach our target of 2,000 new Hong Kong employees by 2022," the group said.

The enterprise will initially seek applicants for 400 management trainee positions and 600 vacancies that will be placed in the group's headquarters and various profit centers.

"The management trainee positions are open to Hong Kong residents who are university graduates as of last year and this year and for those graduating next year," the group said.

"More than 70 percent of all positions are based in Hong Kong, while some 200 positions are based in the Greater Bay Area."

The group said there will be positions available for management trainees in the company's financial, real estate, pharmaceuticals, legal, design and other sectors "of which local talents are known to excel in."

"Some of the other positions are to support [the group's] future business needs, such as life sciences, semiconductors, innovation technologies and materials science," it added.

Chairman Wang Xiangming said he is confident in Hong Kong's growth while adding the program will help relieve the unemployment rate and fulfill the group's corporate social responsibilities.

"Hong Kong has experienced many challenges in the past, but we overcame them and emerged even stronger. China Resources has confidence in Hong Kong's growth prospects," Wang said.

"The recruitment program will meet the group's strategies and the needs of the core business units' development, as well as reserve and nurture more outstanding talent for the future," he added.

The group's director and secretary general of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area office, Simon Lee Hoey, said the program aims to nurture management talent and business elites.

"We have in place a comprehensive three-year training plan for our management trainees, which includes skill-set development, growth acceleration program and leadership training," Lee said.

"We hope to develop these outstanding talents into management elites within three to five years with our systematic training plan."

All recruitment activities will be conducted online. The group said it "will provide competitive compensation and benefits for all successful applicants."

"Management trainees who may be required to work in the Greater Bay Area will receive salaries benchmarked to Hong Kong's rates, as well as relocation allowances as appropriate," it added.

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