Stay away from trouble, father warned

Top News | Sophie Hui 3 Jul 2020

The father of the alleged police stabber said he had warned his son to stay away from trouble as he had taken part in University of Hong Kong alumni activities.

The retired father, Wong, also denied he or his wife had tipped off police about his son, saying he was worried after his child did not return home overnight.

"The matter has happened and I can't do anything. I don't have money to hire a lawyer, while the police did not call me," he said in a media interview yesterday.

He and his wife did not know their son was fleeing to London. "I don't know anything at all," he said.

Wong said his son studied civil engineering and graduated from Hong Kong University two years ago. After graduation, the youngster worked as a civil engineer in a private company, earning about HK$20,000 a month.

Wong said his son likes running and always took part in activities related to his alma mater. His son's girlfriend also studied in HKU.

"I asked him not to join so many activities but he did not listen to me," the father said.

His son told him he would be ostracized if he did not attend.

The couple and their son have lived in a public housing flat in Tsz Wan Shan for many years. His wife was out yesterday to take care of the child of their daughter.

The father said he did not know where his son was on Wednesday, and did not know he allegedly stabbed a police officer.

He recalled his son went out with his girlfriend on Wednesday afternoon, but did not say where he was going.

He said he had asked his son whether he would have dinner at home, but was told he was not coming home for dinner.

But he received a call on Wednesday night telling him his son had been arrested and asking for his son's ID card number so they could find a lawyer to help him.

But the father refused to give the information as he did not know the caller and what had happened to his son.

His daughter called him yesterday morning and told him about her brother's arrest.

The father also denied his son had gone to protests many times.

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