Adopt yes, but think long term

Top News | Georgina Noyce 30 Jun 2020

Stories coming from a number of countries with tough lockdown precautions have opened up yet another nasty aspect to people's characters, but also their commonsense. It seems that a must-have accessory during lock-down is a puppy!

Apparently, the thinking is that if they are going to be barred from working, or socializing, or going on holiday for the foreseeable future, they might as well find something amusing to do. Some apparently justified their decision to buy a dog on the fact that research has shown that caring for an animal is therapeutic.

Others made the decision by pointing out that during quarantine, lock-down or isolation they would actually have the time to train and play with their new friend.

They know enough to realize that puppies, like babies, need looking after and training in their early months, but not enough to consider that dogs never grow up enough to look after themselves.

The next mistake is buying the puppy from the internet, without seeing the puppy, or knowing anything about it, as hey! they shouldn't be out and about picking up or spreading infection.

We have all been warned exhaustively that this virus is highly contagious, so avoid everything and everyone you can't cleanse on a regular basis. Sharing your home with a dog is the very best way to find comfort and support. However, so many forget that an animal needs its life for ever, not just a few weeks, or even months, while a virus rampages across the world.

Humans must learn that our planet is shared with myriad species and while we have managed to become the dominant species, that domination comes with responsibilities, a duty of care that should start with individuals and become automatic in humanity as a whole.

By all means, share your life intimately with other species, but do it to the benefit of all, not just a human looking for short-term comfort, or entertainment, or because you have the equivalent of five minutes free time with nothing specific to do.

All life is important. Humans must learn to think long term, so that we all get our share of long term, so the new puppy, kitten or whatever gets a chance to live. After all, none of us actually has any say in being born, but we should at least get the chance to live life well.

Georgina Noyce is an equestrian judge, and has a menagerie of adopted four-legged waifs and strays.

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