Lam in personal-touch bid to win over the people

Top News | Staff reporter 29 May 2020

The national security law aims to bring stability back to Hong Kong after a year of violence and trauma, says Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

Defending national security is everyone's responsibility and a daily life issue, Lam said.

"For those of you who live in North Point, you don't dare go downstairs of your home for fears of being attacked and arson," she said yesterday during her visit to a pro-security law signature booth in the area.

Signing the petition, Lam said stability would help economic recovery and create more jobs.

Separately, she published a letter in several newspapers, including The Standard, appealing to the public to support the legislation.

"Violence by rioters has escalated, with illegal firearms and explosives posing a terrorist threat," she wrote.

She said opposition forces advocating for Hong Kong independence and self-determination had challenged the authority of Beijing and the SAR government, while pleading for foreign interference.

They had even "begged for sanctions" against the city - disregarding Hong Kong's interests.

Lam said the external forces had intensified their interference, passing laws related to Hong Kong and glorifying the radicals, all of which undermined national security.

The law aims to enable Hong Kong society to "find a way out of the impasse, restore stability as soon as possible and resume development of the economy and livelihoods," she said.

In a statement released yesterday, Lam welcomed the resolution passed by the National People's Congress giving the green light to the legislation.

The chief executive said there was an urgency to act at the state level "given the difficulty of the executive and legislative authorities of the HKSAR to complete their own legislation to safeguard national security in the foreseeable future."

She said Hong Kong still has the legal responsibility to enact legislation in accordance with Article 23 of the Basic Law and should complete the legislation to safeguard national security as soon as possible.

A joint statement by all 42 pro-establishment lawmakers supported the NPC decision.

It said they believe the legislation will not deprive Hong Kong people of their rights and freedom and will help the SAR "break free from violence and riots."

They added that the NPC has the right and responsibility to safeguard the country and its people.

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