There goes the bell for international schools

Top News | Cissy So 21 May 2020

Some private international schools have reopened a week before government and subsidized schools resume classes in phases.

Among the 53 that opened their gates yesterday - after schools were shut down in February - was Christian Alliance International School in Lai Chi Kok.

The students went through temperature checks and handed in health declaration forms. Half-day classes were held.

The school said it was the first stage of class resumption, with Grades Four to Six attending classes in the morning and Grades Nine to 12 in the afternoon.

The second stage will begin on Monday with Grades One to Three in the morning and Grades Seven and Eight in the afternoon.

Some students were happy to be back, while some wished they could stay home and continue learning online as they could wake up later.

"To prevent students from gathering, the morning assembly will be canceled, and students can go straight to their classrooms," a spokesman for the school said.

"Students will be seated at least a meter apart in the classroom."

At Malvern College Hong Kong in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, founding headmaster Robin Lister said if students are found to have a high temperature, "they will be taken to another room to wait for a while before having their temperature checked again." And if they do have a fever, "we will request their parents to take them home."

The school also had half-day classes, ending at 1pm without any lunch break.

Lister said students will be seated one to 1.5 meters apart in the classroom, and school staff will remind students to wash their hands frequently.

Disinfection cleaning devices have been set up in school. The semester will end as scheduled.

Most students of the 22 English Schools Foundation will go back to school on Monday, but only half of the student population will be attending class on any given day.

The ESF said students will split their time between learning online and going to school. Senior and secondary students will start classes tomorrow.

The Education Bureau earlier announced that the first stage of class resumption will start with Secondary Three to Five students from Wednesday.

And then it's Primary Four to Secondary Two on June 8 and K3 to Primary Three on June 15.

Lower K1 and K2 will not resume classes this school year.

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said schools could adjust their school days in accordance with learning hours and progress of students as well as the supplementary class arrangements.

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