Passengers tell of horror bus ride

Top News | Justin Tong 3 Apr 2020

A 57-year-old minibus driver has been arrested after a video - allegedly showing him driving zigzag before hitting a road barrier as his passengers scream in fear - was sent to police.

The two-minute video taken by a passenger shows other people on the bus to Tuen Mun repeatedly asking the driver to stop the vehicle. The driver, surnamed Lo, ignores their shouts and continues to drive.

"You should stop the vehicle if you are feeling unwell," a passenger yells at a visibly confused Lo.

The minibus at one point hits a road barrier, causing passengers to scream. The video ends with a man grabbing Lo's hand, attempting to control the wheel and stop the vehicle.

Lo was driving the route 44A minibus along the Yuen Long Highway bound for V City in Tuen Mun at around 4.30pm on Wednesday.

He had passed the breathalyzer test and was not arrested on the spot by police, but was later suspended from work.

Several neighbors of the driver in Tuen Mun said Lo had previously fainted and been hospitalized a month ago. He is alleged to be a heavy drinker and suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

A woman named Poon, from the minibus' operator, said Lo reported that the minibus was "hit by a large vehicle." She said Lo, who has over 10 years of driving experience, had never caused any traffic accidents or been the subject of complaints before.

She also criticized some passengers for being noisy and disturbing drivers during the journey and for trying to open the minibus door by themselves.

Police said they will investigate further.

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