Luo talks tough against strikers

Top News | Cindy Wan 21 Feb 2020

Cindy Wan

Beijing's top man in Hong Kong Luo Huining described the recent medical strike as "a coronavirus in politics" in his letter to local members of the mainland's legislative and consultative organs.

Luo, who was appointed liaison office director last month, asked the local delegates to the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to battle the outbreak with confidence, benevolence and unity.

In his seven-page letter issued yesterday, Luo stressed the outbreak should be dealt with science instead of political maneuvering.

"But a small number of people are still stirring different kinds of opposition for political interests and even manipulated a strike to 'save Hong Kong.' How is this not a novel coronavirus in politics?" he wrote.

However, Winnie Yu Wai-ming, the head of strike organizer Hospital Authority Employees Alliance, said Luo has smeared the medical professionals with his remarks.

"The strike was a lawful industrial action after a failed negotiation with authorities the government ignored us and failed in their preventive measures," she said.

Luo also said China's governance "had a historic leap" from the 2003 SARS outbreak, as he called on people to have faith in the country.

"[The outbreak] rang the alarm on the need to better the country's contingency systems and reminded nationals to reflect on their lifestyle," he said, adding that incidents where mainland and Hong Kong people help each other show that "blood is thicker than water."

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