Keep an eye on lawbreaking teachers: Lam

Top News | Sophie Hui 11 Dec 2019

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has asked Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung to follow up on lawbreaking teachers as she warns the unrest has seeped into schools.

Lam said 2,393 of 6,000 people - some 40 percent - arrested over the past six months were students.

"As far as we know, students from more than 300 secondary schools have been arrested. Such a situation is very worrying," she said.

Lam said she is also aware that a teacher and several students were arrested on Monday on suspicion of planning to set up roadblocks and involvement in other illegal behavior in Sheung Shui and that a suspected bomb was found at Wah Yan College.

"Violence entering campuses will affect the safety of schools, parents and students, so I have requested the secretary for education to follow up seriously on teachers who have violated rules or have been arrested," she said.

Lam also urged schools to follow the letter sent by Yeung last month and stop students taking part in illegal acts.

Speaking before an Executive Council meeting yesterday, Lam said the 30-minute question-and-answer session with lawmakers each month in the Legislative Council will have to be reviewed.

"Considering the stance of some legislators toward me, is it a meaningful exchange? Though I did not say I will entirely cancel it," she said.

She hopes the quarterly session in January can be carried out smoothly and urged lawmakers to speed up the pace of discussion, as well as pass bills and funding proposals raised by the government in the remaining time of this legislative session.

In October, Lam could not deliver her annual policy address in the Legislative Council and had to give it via video. She could answer only a few questions from lawmakers the following day after chaos erupted in the chamber.

Lam said she attaches great importance to the relationship between the administration and the legislature. But she said if she has to face chaos every time she attends the session, it will not benefit society and put pressure on the Legco Secretariat and security guards.

Lam admitted she apologized to the pro-establishment camp, adding the government was to blame for its defeat in last month's district council election.

"The loss of the pro-establishment camp was undeniably linked to the government," she said. "I think it is natural for me to apologize to pro-establishment candidates."

Her comments came after reports that the government would offer advisory positions to some of the losing pro-establishment candidates.

Lam admitted she had a meeting with a political party recently but said the discussions would not be made public.

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