Tsang clarifies girl he sought not related to Zhu

Top News | Angel Kwan 20 Nov 2019

Former Legislative Council president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing said he did not go to the Polytechnic University to seek the granddaughter of former premier Zhu Rongji.
Tsang said the woman he sought on Monday night, surnamed Chu, was an ordinary citizen.
As police locked down the Polytechnic University, trapping protesters inside the campus on Monday night, the tense atmosphere sparked fears that the incident might end with a violent crackdown.
Tsang was part of a group that arrived at the university at around 11pm to persuade protesters to leave. They accompanied more than 100 protesters who left the campus, including volunteers from the Protect Our Kids Campaign.
When Tsang arrived at the university, he immediately asked volunteers for Chu's whereabouts. "I want to ask, is Chu Wun here?" he asked. A volunteer replied: "There. That woman, right?"
Chu's identity attracted widespread attention, with rumors speculating that Chu is the granddaughter of the 91-year-old former premier Zhu.
"Zhu" is the Putonghua spelling of the surname Chu. There were also photos showing that Tsang left with a girl in a pink jacket and mask.
However, Tsang clarified yesterday that Chu was a volunteer who sought his help. The girl's family was worried and wanted her to leave the campus.
Tsang also told media that the girl he helped is not a relative of Zhu's.
Chan Hoi-hing, convener of the Protect Our Kids Campaign, told media that there is one person in the team named "Chu Wun" but did not provide additional details.
Sources familiar with Beijing's politicians said Zhu has a son and a daughter. They stated that Zhu Rongji's daughter, Zhu Yanlai, has a daughter, but Zhu's granddaughter's surname is not Zhu. Zhu's granddaughter is now in Beijing and is single at present.
As Zhu's son Zhu Yunlai does not have any children, it is impossible for Zhu Rongji to have a granddaughter surnamed Zhu.

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