'I felt abandoned by my brothers'

Top News | Staff reporters 20 Nov 2019

A 17-year-old student said he felt abandoned after his "brother protesters" fled or left, while those who remained on the Polytechnic University campus sent out an SOS signal with towels.

The teen left with principals yesterday morning.

"My energy has been gradually going down and I am tired," he said.

"I had planned to rush out with other protesters yesterday, but many of them left in the afternoon. Some managed to escape, some were arrested," he said.

"Many people also decided to surrender to police on Monday night. There were no brothers to back us from outside, so I decided to leave," he added. At about 6pm yesterday, a black-clad protester created a large SOS signal with dozens of towels in three colors on the ground between Li Ka Shing Tower and the student union offices.

He hoped to send the distress signal to the international community and hoped other countries could help Hongkongers deal with the "humanitarian crisis."

A man who works in the catering industry went to help in the university's canteen so the protesters could eat.

He also said he would insist on fighting and was not afraid to be called a rioter.

Another "chef" wearing a helmet and gas mask said the best way to protest was by cooking for he only knew how to cook and not combat.

He said he would stay on the campus until the last second even if the police raided the premises.

Separately, two PolyU students said they would fight until the end, believing those who left the campus to surrender had taken the wrong step.

"We obstructed the Cross Harbor Tunnel and the footbridge connecting East Tsim Sha Tsui and the PolyU campus, hoping that this can force people to go on strike," one of them said.

"It is a pity that we failed to guard the campus," another said, adding he could not escape successfully after many attempts.

He tried abseiling down ropes with other protesters on Monday night but riot police were firing rubber bullets at escapers.

"We let the girls go down first. My girlfriend was there and I saw her abseiling down. When she climbed out of the bridge, she was shot at by bullets," said the weeping boy.

The injured protesters who got to the ground were surrounded and arrested by police. The boy's girlfriend climbed back to the bridge and they stayed on the campus.

A group of parents continued to wait for their children at the footbridge connecting PolyU and East Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

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