Praise for those who get on with their daily lives despite protest

Top News | Angel Kwan and Stella Wong 13 Nov 2019

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has praised workers and students for getting on with their daily lives despite protest action to paralyze transport for a second day.

The chief executive reiterated she would not suspend classes and "fall into a trap" laid by protesters.

"If the government makes any decision to suspend certain normal activities, we will fall into the trap that makes society appear to come to a standstill," Lam said before an Executive Council meeting yesterday morning.

Lam slammed the transport action as "extremely selfish."

She added: "I express my respect to citizens from all walks of life who continued their commitment to work and school despite the current difficult situation, and did not compromise with these violent and radical acts."

Lam said she noticed that at least two secondary schools have issued statements saying schools are not places for "political activities" and urged their students not to participate in unlawful activities.

She said the schools' stance can help students and citizens understand the seriousness of the situation.

Lam expressed appreciation for people who volunteered to remove objects from blocked streets.

Police, in a press briefing, also thanked those who took the initiative to clear roadblocks.

Senior superintendent Kong Wing-cheung of the Police Public Relations Branch said: "Many people do not voice out [their sentiments] but they take the initiative to clear the roadblocks set by rioters silently.

"They used practical actions to hope that their daily lives would not be affected."

Lam said the government will do its best to ensure the district council elections will proceed as scheduled on November 24.

Executive councillor Ip Kwok-him has suggested the government set a deadline on deciding whether to cancel the polls.

But Lam said there would not be such a deadline, adding it would be a "very difficult" decision to make, and that she understands some candidates, especially those from the pro-establishment camp, would question whether it is a fair election as they have had their offices vandalized and their personal safety threatened.

Lam said she would take into consideration advice from the Electoral Affairs Commission and its crisis management committee and announce arrangements to maintain safety and order at the polls.

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