School in hot seat suspends two students for fight over politics

Top News | Cindy Wan 11 Oct 2019

The Tsuen Wan school that was vandalized by protesters has suspended the two students who allegedly fought over politics.

Protesters vandalized Po Leung Kuk Yao Ling Sun College on Tuesday as they accused the school of defending a Secondary Five student, after he allegedly beat up a Secondary Three student last Friday.

Yesterday, the school convened a closed-door meeting with alumni to explain the incidents.

According to one alumnus, the school promised it would not expel the two students, though disciplinary actions must be taken.

The school has not decided on the length of their suspension, but class teachers will stay in close contact with their parents.

Principal Chik Mei-ling told the alumni that contrary to online rumors, the younger student was not brutally attacked by the senior.

The older student only dragged the junior with him to meet the discipline master, she said.

A teacher then stopped the two from fighting and asked if they sustained any injuries.

Both said they were not injured, so the rumors suggesting that the younger student was injured were not true, she said.

The alumni were also told that the teachers had already checked CCTV footage and asked witnesses about the incident.

Regarding the accusation of detaining students unlawfully, the school also explained and defended their measures.

According to an alumnus, the school said the political slogans on the wall were covered in plastic bags so the junior students would not be intimidated. As a female student took off a plastic bag last Friday, a teacher brought her away from the scene immediately, concerned that she would stir up more confrontations.

The school then requested her parents to pick her up, but students accused teachers of detaining the schoolgirl against her will.

On Tuesday, management decided to let students leave early after realizing protesters may besiege the campus. They admitted they were being too passive in the face of a vandalism attack.

In a statement yesterday, the school said a special assembly was held on Wednesday for students and teachers to exchange their thoughts and feelings.

"Our campus was vandalized recently and this could have stemmed from misunderstandings. The school is following the incidents closely and will try our best to maintain a safe, serene and peaceful study environment for students," it wrote.

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