Undercover cops in station spark fears of a frame-up

Top News | Angel Kwan 10 Oct 2019

A police spokesman has confirmed that a group of masked men seen inside the closed Sheung Shui MTR station on Tuesday night were indeed police officers.

But the spokesman dismissed rumors that the officers had deliberately dressed up as protesters and vandalized the station.

An online video shows several suspicious masked men hovering inside exit B of the closed Sheung Shui station at about 11pm on Tuesday.

One of the men inside the station who was in a blue shirt noticed a passer-by taking the video and shouted at him.

“Go away!” The masked man shouted through the metal gate.

“Why are you staying inside with masks on?” The passer-by filming the video asked. The masked man then repeatedly asked him to leave and shone a torch at him.

“Oh, you have a torch... why does it look like the one the police use?” The video-taker asked.

The masked man then flashed the torch at him again and scolded the crowd that had gathered outside the station.

Some suspected they were police officers disguised as protesters to vandalize the station, as the torch looked similar to the one police officers often used.

A different video showed the man in blue with a can of suspected pepper spray, pointing it at the crowd outside.

Riot police arrived on the scene later but did not make any arrests.

Police later clarified on their Facebook page that the plainclothes officers were deployed to carry out an investigation in the station, upon receiving reports of vandalism by “rioters.”

It added: “All police officers certainly will not break the law. The police will continue to make use of different methods to combat crimes according to operational needs.”

But netizens remain skeptical.

“Why would plainclothes officers need to mask their faces like thieves?” one commented. Others said they no longer trust the police's explanation as they have already told too many lies.

The Neo Democrats have urged the MTR Corporation to respond to the accusations and show CCTV footage to regain the public's trust.

It said there are reasons to believe the MTRC is in cahoots with the masked men - police officers suspected to be disguised as protesters - in order to vandalize the stations, disrupt commuter  travel, then incriminate the protesters.

Another video circulating online showed a City One station metal gate bent outwards after being pushed from the inside several times.


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