Macau success cited as incoming leader receives Beijing blessing

Top News | Cindy Wan 12 Sep 2019

The prosperity of Macau has proved the one country, two systems principle is a success, President Xi Jinping said in his meeting with Ho Iat-seng, the gaming hub's newly appointed chief executive.

"Macau has shown the world the successful implementation of the one country, two systems with Macau's characteristics," Xi said.

"This proves that [it] works perfectly and wins people's hearts."

Ho was officially confirmed in Beijing as Macau's leader yesterday.

Xi said the Macau government united different sectors of society to fully implement the one country, two systems principle with thorough understanding and safeguarded the authority of China's constitution and the Basic Law under the leadership of the first two chief executives in the past 20 years since its handover in 1999.

The past two leaders were Edmund Ho Hau-wah and Fernando Chui Sai-on.

Macau has inherited the core values of "love the country and love Macau," enhanced economic growth, bettered people's livelihoods and stabilized society, Xi said.

Xi told Ho to become fully acquainted with Macau's actual situation and China's needs for development.

He asked Ho to lead Macau's people forward and write another successful chapter under the one country, two systems principle.

He congratulated Ho for his appointment and praised him for serving Macau passionately in his role as a member of the National People's Congress and president of the Legislative Assembly.

"You were elected with a high number of nominations and votes and that proves you are widely-received by society," Xi said.

In response, Ho said he will lead Macau to prosperity under the instruction of Xi and the central government.

Earlier in the afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang signed Ho's nomination as the fifth-term chief executive of Macau at the State Council's headquarters in Zhongnanhai.

Li said people's livelihoods in Macau have improved in the past 20 years and added that he has confidence in Ho's governance.

The central government will continue to back Macau's government to govern in accordance with the laws, Li said.

Chui congratulated Ho, saying he has brought benefits to Macau and society while holding important public positions in the past.

Ho is set to return to Macau today and officially replace Chui on December 20.

Ho was elected chief executive on August 25 after garnering 392 votes from the 400-member Election Committee. There were seven blank votes and an invalid one.

Ho is a businessman and former president of Macau's lawmaking body.

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