Yuen Long attack victims sue police

Top News | Angel Kwan 9 Sep 2019

A pro-democracy lawmaker and seven people injured during the July 21 attack at Yuen Long Station have filed a civil lawsuit against police, alleging negligence for their failure to stop the incident.

Groups of men in white shirts stormed into the station and indiscriminately attacked protesters and other passengers returning from the city center.

"We hope we can force police to surrender the details of their deployment and seek the truth through this civil lawsuit," said Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting.

"If they do not explain it clearly, apologize and accept the consequences, the July 21 'terror attack' will be the police's [darkest] stain in history."

The plaintiffs are targeting high-profile police officials, including Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo Wai-Chung, deputy commissioner for operations Chris Tang Ping-keung, acting regional commander of New Territories North regional police headquarters Anthony Tsang Ching-fo, the commanders of the July 21 operation, and two officers who were filmed leaving the scene after witnessing what happened.

The group's lawyer, Albert Ho Chun-yan, a former lawmaker, said evidence is vital when suing police. But he said his legal team believes it has sufficient evidence to prove that police were informed about the incident, but did not deploy resources accordingly.

Ho said the team has watched videos from news agencies and obtained other pieces of evidence, such as WhatsApp records from district council members, which reportedly prove they alerted police about the incident.

Lam said the men in white assembled near the station earlier, but police did not attempt to disperse the crowd. One victim, surnamed Chui, said he was attacked with a signboard when he was on his way home after having dinner with friends.

Lawmaker Andrew Wan Siu-kin called on other victims and witnesses to speak up.


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