Violent actions from both sides slammed

Top News | Stella Wong 2 Sep 2019

The pro-democracy camp slammed police for launching "a terror attack" inside the Prince Edward Station on Saturday night, while the pro-establishment side condemned protesters for escalating the violence during clashes on Hong Kong Island.

Claudia Mo Man-ching said people now face "licensed terror attacks," adding it was made "blatantly clear" by press footage and photos from the station. But police still denied "beating up ordinary people indiscriminately," including young kids, she said, adding it is an "intolerable lie."

Mo said police action was "100 times more terrifying" than the Yuen Long attack by white-shirted people on July 21.

She slammed Chief Executive Carrie Lam for "hiding behind police brutality" and called on the international community to help Hong Kong through "appropriate means."

Meanwhile, 39 pro-establishment lawmakers issued a statement condemning protesters for their escalated violence.

The "radical, violent protesters" blocked roads, stormed Central Government Offices and caused destruction to the Legislative Council building, public facilities and several MTR stations. They also threw a large number of petrol bombs toward police and attacked officers with corrosive liquid.

"The lawless behaviors severely endangered the personal safety of officers and citizens. We strongly condemned these illegal, crazy acts."

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