MTR drivers make safety demands

Top News | Charlotte Luo 15 Aug 2019

More than 670 MTR drivers have petitioned the rail operator to demand that it guarantees their safety during police action.

Masks against toxic gas should be distributed to staff and passengers, the drivers urged, warning of further industrial action if MTR Corp does not meet their demands by tomorrow.

They also asked MTRC to condemn the police for action affecting railway safety and not to blindly cooperate with law enforcers.

The drivers, some wearing masks and helmets, submitted a statement at MTR headquarters in Kowloon Bay yesterday.

A representative said they would consider further action, including refusing to perform their duties.

The drivers accused MTRC of failing to condemn police in their handling of the violent incident at Yuen Long Station on July 21, the use of tear gas in Kwai Fong Station and firing pepper balls at passengers in Tai Koo Station on August 11.

MTRC only said the police actions were regrettable, the representative said.

"MTR is Hong Kong's largest transportation facility with a daily service capacity of five million people. Police firing tear gas at the stations or nearby will undoubtedly put the health of passengers at risk," he said.

MTRC said the safety of passengers and staff is its priority. It had a meeting with police, who it urged to take into account the safety of MTR staff and passengers during law enforcement.

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