Affair 'purely romantic - not linked to work'

Top News | Sophie Hui 15 Aug 2019

Cheyenne Chan and Wilson Fung had an affair for more than a decade before their relationship ended in 2016 after the media exposed their flat deal, it was revealed in court.

Fung is still married to Betty Fung, who is the director of the Policy Innovation and Coordination Office.

During the trial, Fung described himself and Chan to be "as close as husband and wife, but without a marriage certificate." Chan also called Fung "the man of her life."

The two started dating in 2003 after Chan's divorce with her ex, who she said abused her and cheated on her.

She said she was weak and felt like the world collapsed on her.

"I lost my home, lost my husband, lost my pillar. I only have the house. I didn't want to live anymore," Chan told the court.

After he met Fung, Chan said he became the pillar of her life and she was "very happy" when spending time with him.

While finding Fung attractive and caring, she never expected him to divorce his wife.

"Wilson was attractive. He would not raise his voice at me. He was polite and gentle. He was concerned about my feelings. Sometimes he knew how I felt even if I didn't say anything," Chan said.

Fung claimed their relationship was purely romantic and had nothing to do with government's work.

"She never asked me for time or [a formal relationship]," he said.

Pictures of the two together were also shown in court. One was taken in a Macau restaurant in 2003, another during Christmas the same year.

Other pictures were taken in Washington, DC, where Chan went to see Fung when he was on a duty trip.

The court also heard that Chan still kept the helicopter ticket to Macau - which was for her first date with Fung. After Fung left the government in 2006, they remained in a close relationship.

Fung had helped Chan choose properties near his home, so they could be closer to each other.

The two had lived on Robinson Road. After he moved to Happy Valley, Chan also moved to the same district.

Chan would follow Fung's suggestions in buying and selling properties. "I liked him, so I listened to him," she said.

Fung was in charge of decorating and property designs, and he set up rent most of the time.

Chan was also happy when people called her "Mrs Fung" when the two went flat hunting together.

"I was very happy because I knew I could never be Mrs Fung," Chan said.

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