Legco won't be a fortress despite reinforcements

Top News | Phoenix Un 14 Aug 2019

The Legislative Council's glass facade will be strengthened and some exits blocked but the improvements will not turn the complex to a fortress, president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen says.

The Legco Commission met yesterday to discuss with the Architectural Services Department about the progress of the building's repairs, following the siege and vandalism by protesters on July 1.

"We'll seal the members' entrance two, which faces the road, while we'll plant some trees at the [public] entrance on Tim Mei Avenue as a measure of security," Leung said.

He also explained that designs for doors at the protest zone would be improved, while some other unnecessary doors at Legco garden would be turned into glass walls.

Leung said the adjustments were suggested by the Architectural Services Department and approved by the commission.

He said the commission had different views on how the glass walls should be reinforced and how it should be constructed.

He disagreed that Legco is being turned into a fortress. "It's not turning the Legco into a fortress, because as the manager of the building and there are so many public members entering and leaving Legco, we have to guarantee their safety."

Separately, 40 of the 43 pro-establishment lawmakers issued a joint statement condemning violence and raising concerns over disruptions at the airport.

"Hong Kong has come to a crucial moment, and we call for all people concerned about the future of Hong Kong to step up to say no to any violent people," the lawmakers said.

They said protesters assembling at the airport on Monday had seriously disrupted airport operations.

"We call for protesters not to do anything to harm Hong Kong society and economy, and anything affecting citizens and tourists."


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