Reeling from attacks, NorthPoint turns into ghost town

Top News | Charlotte Luo 7 Aug 2019

North Point turned into a ghost town yesterday after men, mostly wearing white shirts, attacked people in black the day before.

Up until 9 o'clock last night, there were no arrests or any injuries recorded by the authorities.

A normally bustling mall closed at about 2pm, while the Sunbeam Theatre shuttered at 4pm.

An employee said they received online messages about another potential attack by white-clad men in the area, so they closed early to ensure safety.

Dah Sing Bank said its North Point and Fortress Hill branches would close until further notice. CITIC Bank International's North Point branch also closed early.

A notice was put up at Coronet Court on King's Road saying the management office received information from police there would be "chaos" on Sunday.

It reminded residents to be mindful of their personal safety and try not to allow children and the elderly to go out that day.

At Majestic Apartments, a notice quoted police as warning there would be a rally on Sunday and reminded residents to be careful.

Two police vehicles were seen driving along King's Road before parking at Ming Yuen Western Street at about 4pm, but no one got out of the cars.

A shop owner on King's Road said a man who appeared to be from the Fujianese clan knocked on shops at about 5pm on Monday, asking them to close, which many did at 6pm.

At the time, protesters in black shirts had not yet arrived in North Point.

White-clad men armed with rattan sticks attacked the protesters before 8pm on Monday.

As the protesters outnumbered the men in white, the attackers were forced to retreat. No police were seen.

Meanwhile, Civil Human Rights Front vice convener Figo Chan Ho-wun said on a radio program that he saw 30 to 40 white-shirted men chasing protesters in Tsuen Wan on Monday night.

Photos and videos posted online showed some men attacking protesters and a journalist with choppers and sticks.

He said a reporter was chased in Chung On Street and a 20-year-old man was injured by the white-shirted men.

But police did not arrest the attackers, Chan said.

A video showed a man in white, after hitting another man in black, being beaten by protesters outside a restaurant on Chung On Street.

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