Cops apologize after entering uni campus in the wee hours

Top News | Phoenix Un 18 Jul 2019

The police force has apologized after University of Hong Kong said it would file a formal complaint after three officers entered its campus without informing management in advance and lingered outside the student union building.

The three arrived at about 1am yesterday, according to footage taken by a student and posted by the student union magazine Undergrad.

They wandered outside the building for several minutes, before leaving through the MTR station. The Undergrad said the officers told security guards sent by the HKU estates office security control center that they were "only passing by."

The university said it was concerned about officers entering the campus in breach of protocol. "Security immediately questioned why they were there in violation of existing protocol and the university will follow up with a formal complaint," the statement reads.

Vice chancellor Zhang Xiang promised on Friday during his dialogue with students that he would not allow police to enter the campus to collect evidence without court warrants.

Student union acting president Davin Wong said the three officers wandered near the door of the building and had been heading to Centennial Garden, before turning back to the MTR station. They left after discovering they were being filmed by a student, Wong added.

A police spokesman admitted that some officers of Western Division entered the campus when patrolling. "Police contacted HKU and explained to them after the incident and will do a solemn follow-up," he said.

A principal lecturer of the Faculty of Law, Eric Cheung Tat-ming, said the officers did not break any law because they entered an open area.

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