Churches ask to heed peace call

Top News | Sophie Hui 12 Jun 2019

Catholic Diocese Hong Kong yesterday asked both the government and the general public to exercise restraint and seek a solution through peaceful channels.

In a statement, it requested the government not to pass the extradition bill before adequately addressing the worries of the public and the legal sector.

The diocese said the city is facing an "extremely turbulent situation" because of the bill.

"We request both the government and the general public, first and foremost for the well-being of Hong Kong society, to exercise due restraint and to seek through peaceful channels a solution to the current impasse which conforms with justice and legal principles," the diocese said.

It asked all Christians to continue praying for the city.

Paul Kwong, archbishop of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui - the city's Anglican Church - also called on people to discuss the matter calmly.

Kwong said he understands the purpose of the bill is to plug loopholes in the current legislation.

"But this proposed amendment has caused heated debate and deep-seated uneasiness and worries that have resulted in violent conflicts, thus dividing society," he said.

"I appeal to all parties concerned -those who are against and those who are for the amendment - to calm down and return to reason in discussing how to resolve the dispute so as to avoid further chaos."

Kwong said he hopes people from all sectors, especially youngsters, will express their demands through legal and legitimate ways, and not to resort to illegal means.

"Illegal means will harm not only those who resort to them, but also those who love them and their beloved, and society as a whole," he said.

He called on all Christians to pray for the stability and prosperity of the city and for a perfect resolution to the dispute.

Earlier, the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong urged the government to suspend the bill, while the Baptist Convention asked the government to withdraw the bill and to conduct a comprehensive consultation.

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