Protests target Legco reading

Top News | Phoenix Un 11 Jun 2019

The pro-democracy camp plans to protest outside the Legislative Council starting tomorrow and to continue the assembly indefinitely during discussion of the fugitive law bill.

Protest organizer Civil Human Rights Front and pan-democrat legislators held a press conference right after Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor refused to make any retractions despite the massive rally on Sunday.

Front convener Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit said he was angry that Lam stood firm, refusing to give any ground and provoking Hongkongers just one hour after he announced the end of the march.

"It seems that Carrie Lam found Hongkongers are not angry enough and wants to test how much more we can do to protect our home and the rule of law," Sham said.

He said the Front would organize an assembly outside the Legislative Council at 10am tomorrow, the day Legco resumes the second reading of the fugitive law amendment, and he promised that it would organize assemblies on all days that Legco discusses the bill.

He also said he would not blame protesters who stayed behind after the march ended and impacted the Legco building.

"I understand how bad the young people feel when reading the statement of the government, so I would rather ask why the government is so cruel, as Carrie Lam pushing the young people to a dead end," Sham said.

On the voluntary strikes some shops and business operators have announced for tomorrow, Sham said this was a peaceful and rational way to protest.

Convener of the democracy camp meetings Claudia Mo Man-ching slammed Lam for totally ignoring the protesters' appeals, "Any leader facing protests of more than one million people will rethink we don't need safeguards - we want the bill scrapped altogether."

She admitted there is a slim chance that Lam would withdraw the bill, but she hopes Hongkongers could persuade the pro-establishment legislators to vote against it.

Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai said Lam had lost the legitimacy to govern and called on citizens to use any means to paralyze the government.

Netizens tried to initiate some more moves against the amendment. One plan is to surround the Legco building tonight with 50,000 people.

"Many people should be planning to go to Legco at 5pm on June 12 after work, but what's the point as there is a 90 percent chance that the bill is already approved by then?" a netizen asked on an online forum.

The poster replied that there should be a general strike in Hong Kong tomorrow to protest outside Legco "to stop the second and third reading."

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