Meng obtained several SAR passports after changing names

Top News | Phoenix Un 10 Dec 2018

US customs records show that Sabrina Meng entered the United States and Canada 33 times with her three Hong Kong SAR passports from 2014 to 2017.

One of the focuses of Meng's case was that she had been issued four China passports and three SAR passports in the past 11 years, according to documents of the US Department of Justice.

But a source said Meng was able to obtain so many SAR passports because she changed her name on numerous occasions.

The source added this was not illegal and that it was not the responsibility of the Immigration Department.

But there were questions about whether she wrote off her old passports before obtaining new ones.

The entry and departure information on Meng, according to the US customs, showed that she only applied for a visa to enter the US and Canada with her three SAR passports.

The records showed that Meng, with her three SAR passports, entered the US and Canada 33 times from June 2014 to March 2017, mainly going to New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle in the US and Vancouver in Canada.

All her three passports recorded exactly the same 33 times of entry to the US.

She stopped going to the US after March 2 last year, during which time Huawei might have been under investigation in the US.

Legislator James To Kun-sun, also vice chairman of the Legislative Council Panel on Security, said the SAR government should investigate whether Meng was legally allowed to hold more than one valid SAR passport.

He said one might retain the old passport if there was an old visa inside, "but the government must investigate the issue to show that the SAR is very concerned about the visa issuing system."

Eric Cheung Tat-ming, principal lecturer of the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law, wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that the fact that Meng's three passports started with the letters KJ implied that they were issued over a short period of time - "the chance that an old passport was fully stamped was low."

Former security secretary Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee said there was no evidence to show that Meng simultaneously possessed several SAR passports. The fact that Meng entered Canada with her SAR passport meant Hong Kong had a role. She said she would not call for people to by mainland manufactured goods, but she would turn to Huawei smartphones to show support to the mainland's top technology company.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions chose to protest outside the US Consulate General in Central instead of the Canadian Consulate General in Quarry Bay over the arrest of Meng.

FTU legislator Michael Luk Chung-hung of the labor sector and former legislator Bill Tang Ka-piu, who was defeated in the March Legislative Council by-election, led the demonstrators and assembled outside the consulate general.

But asked about the many passports Meng possessed, Luk said it was not the focal point of the incident, and accused the US of practicing imperialism with madness.

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