Chevalier founder dies at 82

Top News | Avery Chen 31 Jul 2018

Chow Yei-ching, founder of Chevalier International and former independent non-executive director of Television Broadcasts, has died at his Jardine's Lookout home. He was 82.

Chow was reportedly diagnosed with liver cancer three years ago before he resigned his positions in the listed companies.

Chow was born in Zhejiang province and went to Hong Kong from Shanghai at the age of 17. He founded the Chevalier Group in 1970.

With its core business in Toshiba lifts and escalators, the company later expanded to air-conditioning and construction projects and the pager business. The company is now engaged in construction engineering and property investment.

In 1984, Chevalier (HK) Ltd, a former holding vehicle of the company, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The peak was in the 1990s when it had five listed companies in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Between 2003 and 2004, Chevalier International privatized its Chevalier Singapore Holdings and Chevalier Construction Holdings, and sold its subsidiary Chevalier Pacific Holdings in 2011. There is only one listed company on the main board.

Chevalier holds properties such as the Chevalier Commercial Centre in Kowloon Bay, the Chevalier Warehouse Building in Fan Ling and the East Sun Industrial Centre in Kwun Tong, as well as commercial and industrial buildings, hotels and homes for the elderly.

Chow owned a 62.76 percent share of Chevalier International, with a value of HK$2.27 billion.

Chow and his Japanese wife have six daughters and one son. Lily Chow is the executive director and Oscar Chow Vee-tsung is a non-executive director of the company.

Chow was a non-executive director of Television Broadcasts. He was elected an independent non-executive director in 2011 and resigned in 2012.

Chow was banned from taking part in the stock market for 10 years in 2015 after violating the code of takeover on some holdings in ENM Holdings for his friend, the late Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, former chairman of Chinachem Group.

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