Hidden cops set to pounce on jaywalkers

Top News | Charlotte Luo 13 Jul 2018

People jaywalking might be slapped with a maximum fine of HK$2,000. That's the message being passed around on WhatsApp.

It is understood that last Tuesday police officers filmed and ambushed a pedestrian. When the pedestrian did not adhere to the law when crossing a road, he was intercepted by uniformed police officers and issued with a ticket.

The first fine for jaywalking is HK$300.

A police spokesman did not confirm the video footage, but stressed that pedestrian safety is one of the Police Commissioner's top priorities this year.

The message stated that "starting at 9 this morning (July 10), every street corner, every pedestrian crossing, there will be a uniformed police officer. Every pedestrian bridge, there is a uniformed police officer with a video camera. The purpose is to catch unruly pedestrians when crossing the road."

It added: "The entire crew is consisted of a chicken cake (station sergeant) and 18 constables. Don't cross the road in an unruly manner, (you will be) filmed and intercepted with a ticket."

In response, a police spokesman said: "A multi-institutional cooperation model will be adopted to improve pedestrian safety at road works - public participation (advocacy and education) and active enforcement. Pedestrians should be allowed to use pedestrian crossing facilities and comply with traffic rules when crossing roads."

Police statistics revealed that law enforcement officers took action against 14,915 pedestrians who failed to follow traffic lights last year.

According to the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulation, no pedestrian should cross a road within a zebra control area, other than on a zebra crossing, within 15 meters of a traffic signal crossing.

Pedestrians should also not cross the road within 15 meters of a footbridge or pedestrian subway, other than using the footbridge or pedestrian subway, or in contravention of any direction given by a police officer in uniform, traffic warden in uniform or a school crossing patrol.

Pedestrians are also not permitted to climb over or through any kerbside fences or central reservations on to a carriageway. The maximum fine for doing so is HK$2,000.

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