Crash pilot escapes with minor injuries

Top News | Charlotte Luo 25 Jun 2018

A pilot escaped with minor injuries when the light aircraft he was flying crashed on Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail near Tai Po.

The aircraft, which had no passengers, crashed at 4.30pm yesterday.

The 23-year-old pilot was rescued by the coast guard and taken to Prince of Wales Hospital around 5pm.

Police said he was conscious when he was taken to hospital, even though he had injuries to his face, was bleeding from his forehead and nose, and had a swollen mouth.

A source said the pilot was flying solo. He flew from Shek Kong but experienced technical difficulties near Ma Shi Chau before crashing on the Nature Trail.

The Civil Aviation Department said the light aircraft, a Zlin Z42, belongs to the Hong Kong Aviation Club. The registered number is B-LUK.

The Air Traffic Control Tower was informed by the Fire Services Department that a light aircraft had crashed.

The fuselage and wings of the aircraft were damaged.

The department is investigating with the help of the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

There were no report of any damage to buildings and no one on the ground was hurt.

Ma Shi Chau is located east of Sam Mun Tsai in Tolo Harbour, and is connected to another island, Yim Tin Tsai, by an isthmus that can be crossed at low tide.

Two years ago, a 59-year-old pilot flying a Zlin Z42 above Lo Fu Wat in Tai Po died after his plane crashed into the sea.

The aircraft also belonged to the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

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