Passenger tells of high-speed tantrum

Top News | Riley Chan 12 Feb 2018

Passengers recalled the bus was speeding and they even felt the wheels go up in the air.

Survivors said some passengers quarreled with the driver before the accident as the bus departed 10 minutes later than scheduled.

In a possible effort to make up lost time, the driver allegedly began driving erratically. It is understood the bus was traveling so fast it was swaying from side to side.

When it reached Tai Po Road, near Tsung Tsai Yuen, the driver lost control trying to make a right turn down the slope. The vehicle flipped on its left side after crashing into a lamp post and road signs.

Police confirmed the driver was not under the influence of alcohol.

A 60-year-old passenger, who was sitting on a priority seat on the lower deck, said the bus was going extremely fast.

"It's the fastest bus I've ever been on," he said. "The driver didn't slow down, even when he was driving down slopes and making turns."

Another passenger said it was like sitting in a speedboat as he felt the wheels go up in the air.

One of the other passengers claimed the driver was frustrated after being told off for being late.

"The driver was 10 minutes late therefore the bus was packed with a lot of passengers standing," a passenger said. "He then drove really fast as if he was throwing a tantrum."

Survivors recalled people falling on top of one another and being tossed around when the accident happened. Some flew out of the bus and got trapped underneath.

The bus driver got out of the vehicle himself while passengers had to step on bodies to escape.

A passenger said the driver did not assist anyone in the rescue and simply stood by the side. Some passengers who managed to get out attempted to hit the driver but were stopped by others.

Police responded to multiple calls reporting the incident at around 6pm.

Rescuers had to cut open the top of the bus and pull out survivors and bodies. It took tree hours.

A temporary morgue was later set up at the scene.

Injured passengers were lying on the roadside awaiting first aid. Some had their heads wrapped in bandages. Many were bleeding severely on being taken to hospital.

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