Foshan tunnel workers die as road collapses

Top News | Phoenix Un 9 Feb 2018

At least eight people died and three are missing after a road in Foshan collapsed.

Authorities believe the construction of a subway linked to the construction of the mass transit railway may have caused the cave-in.

It came on Wednesday night at Jihua West Road, a main street in the Chancheng district of Guangdong and near a main construction site.

A 30-meter long section of road collapsed, falling six to seven meters.

Even nearby pavements, flower beds and lamp posts tottered and fell, which blocked nearby streets.

Authorities also cut supplies of water, gas and electricity passing near the collapsed area.

At the same time, Foshan officers inspected the surroundings area including buildings to ensure there was no further danger from collapsing.

The deputy governor of Guangdong, Lin Shaochun, arrived at the scene to help direct and coordinate rescue efforts.

Engineers said the subway construction site experienced water leakage at 7pm on Wednesday. Workers tried but failed to block the water.

The leak got worse at about 8.40pm and the tunnel structure became deformed. Then the 30-meter-long section of road collapsed.

Nine people were rescued and sent to hospital, though none had suffered life-threatening injuries.

A worker, Weng Yuhang, who was at the construction site and escaped when the collapse occurred, said he and his workmates had known something was wrong when they saw wet clay running in the tunnel.

Then, Weng said, at 7pm he and 30 other workers were digging with heavy machinery when they heard a loud noise. Seconds later the workers realized there was big trouble and started to shout warnings to run.

While he was running, Weng said, he heard a second and then a third sound of collapsing.

After he arrived at ground level, he said, it was realized that only workers who had been near the exit had managed to escape while others close to the digging machinery were missing. Among the three missing, Weng said, was a good friend, Zheng Lijie, who was a assistant project manager.

"I feel like the world has collapsed," he said.

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