Love story ends in life sentence for killer

Top News | Riley Chan 6 Dec 2017

Former company director Ivan Chan Man-sum was jailed for life for killing his mistress Chun Ka-yee and then dumping her body in rubbish six years ago.

The six-man, one-woman jury deliberated for six hours before finding him guilty of murder, 6-1.

After Justice Anthea Pang Po-kam passed the life sentence, Chan appeared calm. But when prison officers tapped him on the shoulders to take him away his eyes swelled red.

Chan, 43, had offered to plead guilty to manslaughter, which might produce a lighter sentence, but the prosecution rejected it, leading to the judgment.

In summing up the evidence at the High Court, Justice Pang told the jury to consider Chan's motive.

She said since there was no evidence to suggest the killing was planned, the jurors had to consider whether Chan had the intent to kill Chun. If so, he should be found guilty of murder.

But if he simply used excessive force that resulted in death, the defendant should be found guilty of manslaughter.

During the trial, Chan had admitted killing Chun, 33, on October 6, 2011. He said he kept silent for a long time as he was afraid of losing his family. But since his family broke up, he said he was prepared to explain what happened.

They met in 2006 in a nightclub where Chun, a divorcee, worked as a hostess.

In 2008, they begun a sexual relationship although Chan remained married. He said Chun refused payment for sex.

Chan once described his mistress as a "spoiled kid" but tolerated her bad temper because he "really loved her."

In late 2008, Chan contributed a downpayment of HK$1.5 million for an apartment in Amoy Gardens, Kowloon Bay.

For a period Chan also employed her as an assistant and, after the employment ended, gave her an HK$8,000 monthly allowance.

In March 2011, Chan's wife discovered their relationship.

On October 6 that year, Chan, wanting to "clear things" with Chun, went to her apartment. He said Chun slapped and kicked him as they fought, and then she fell and stopped breathing.

After that Chan wrapped her body in cling film, stuffed it in a huge nylon bag, and dumped it in a refuse collection center near Sai Kung.

The body has never been found.

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