Suicide bid of son fails as mom found hacked dead

Top News | Phoebe Ng 9 Oct 2017

A former social worker described as a filial son allegedly almost decapitated his chronically sick mother before leaping from their flat in Kwai Hing.

The 34-year-old man, surnamed Lee, is alleged to have killed his 77-year-old mother, surnamed Liu, after serving as her caregiver for years.

Their two foreign helpers had the day off yesterday.

Police said Liu, a wheelchair-bound widow, was found dead on the bed from multiple knife wounds, with one slash almost beheading her.

Unconfirmed reports said the woman had arthritis, high blood pressure, and heart and kidney diseases.

Police were first alerted at noon about a man who fell from the 16th floor of a public housing flat at Kwai Shing East Estate.

But Lee apparently bounced off a tree - breaking his fall - and landed on a slope. Though injured, he was still conscious and told police his home address.

Police cordoned off the area and went to Lee's address at Shing On House, where they found the mother and a trail of blood on the floor.

Liu was officially pronounced dead at 12.47pm, while Lee was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital, where he was in critical condition at the intensive care unit.

Kok Wai-shing, assistant district commander of Kwai Tsing district, said police took away two knives from the scene, including one which was bloody. The case was classified as murder.

At 3pm, Police Tactical Unit officers searched the slope where Lee landed. Lee was understood to be conscious when paramedics approached him. He then told officers that he killed his mother as it was "too tough" to look after her.

Kok said: "The woman was wheelchair-bound but her medical record has yet to be confirmed."

There was no evidence that mother and son had an argument before the incident, he added.

Neighbors described Lee as a "filial son" and said he often wheeled Liu out for a stroll.

It is understood that Lee had been suffering caregiver stress. He was said to be disgruntled with the lack of social care and quit his job as a social worker five years ago to look after his mother. Lee now runs a business.

Kwai Tsing district councillor Ray Chow Wai-hung said he had met the family through his constituency consultation.

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