Roll up sleeves and work hard, Macau locals told

Top News | Sum Lok-kei 9 May 2017

Macau people should unite with the government to explore new opportunities at an important crossroads of its economic restructuring, National People's Congress Standing Committee chairman Zhang Dejiang said.

Zhang arrived in Macau yesterday and was welcomed by its Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai-on, liaison office director Wang Zhiming, and hundreds of schoolchildren.

In a speech at the airport's ramp, Zhang said he will use "six words and three phrases" to outline his goals for the trip - "to encourage, to inspect and to experience."

As Macau is undergoing economic restructuring, Zhang urged its people to "roll up their sleeves and work hard" to further its development.

He assured that Beijing will continue its unwavering support.

Zhang also said he wished to experience Macau, as he is in charge of overseeing both Hong Kong and Macau in the Beijing government.

"I pay attention to Macau's development and changes every day, but seeing is better than hearing," Zhang said, adding he was looking forward to meeting the locals.

Zhang said he will also check if policies had been implemented in accordance with President Xi Jinping's instructions.

"I will listen to work reports from the officials," he said.

After his speech Zhang was driven to Xinzhuyuan Hotel for a meeting with Chui.

The area is heavily secured by police, according to local media reports.

Zhang also met with former chief executive Edmund Ho Hau-wah in the afternoon, before joining Chiu and his wife for a banquet last night.

Between meetings, Zhang listened to work reports from officials at Macau's government headquarters.

According to the Macau government's information bureau, Zhang told officials the central government is happy with Macau's engagement in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The senior official is expected to make an appearance at Macau's Legislative Assembly today. Zhang is also scheduled to give a speech at University of Macau.

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