Sign of times as couple put off golden years

Top News | Phoebe Ng 27 Mar 2017

"Sorry, my hubby," Carrie Lam yesterday told her partner of 32 years as she extolled the sacrifices that he has endured for the sake of her civil service career.

Her remark revealed Lam's softer side as the 59-year-old fielded questions about work-life balance, now that she will be the next chief executive.

"He had been waiting for me for a long time," Lam said of her husband, Lam Siu-por.

"We've only got very little time together, so little that people worry that he may have another female confidante," she joked.

Lam Siu-por, who is three years older than his wife, then stepped up to the microphone and unabashedly declared his affection and support for the incoming CE.

"I am willing to sacrifice for the people of Hong Kong," he said.

The former chief secretary had planned to retire by June 30 and fly to Britain to be with her husband.

After his stay in Britain, Lam Siu- por, a mathematician, taught short courses at Capital Normal University in Beijing. He did not get back to Hong Kong until after his wife announced her CE candidacy in December.

The media asked him if he plans to go back to Beijing, but he declined to respond.

The incoming CE said their two sons are now both adults and have their own lives and careers.

She hoped her sons would care for her occasionally and communicate with her via Facebook, adding it was her elder son, Jeremy Lam Tsit-sze, who encouraged her to learn how to use the world's most popular social media. He joined his parents on the stage at yesterday's media briefing.

Lam had a somewhat long face following the official announcement that she garnered 777 votes and victory in the CE race.

In Cantonese slang, seven corresponds to penis, but in a non- sexual context, it means lame.

Asked if 777 can become her nickname, like 689 for Leung Chun-ying, Lam said: "Nicknames are given by others, and I will react to it once people call me with this nickname."

It did not take long before netizens reacted to this issue.

"It is a sign from God, dick," said Facebook user Onjo Tang.

Lam, a Catholic, previously said God had called on her to run in the CE race.

But Chan Wing-kee, an Election Committee member for the industrial sub-sector, said triple seven is a "lucky number" that symbolizes "the tide has turned for Hong Kong."

Outright foul was a word in Cantonese written on a ballot paper. It was declared invalid.

Two other invalid votes ticked all options, and another crossed out all names and displayed slogans, demanding universal suffrage.

A huge yellow banner that read "I want genuine universal suffrage" was hoisted at 6am from the highest point of Lion Rock.

Raphael Wong Ho-ming, vice chairman of the League of Social Democrats, said his group was responsible for hoisting the banner.

Politihk Social Strategic activists gathered in Central at 4pm to celebrate Lam's victory.

The group handed out Pringles chips - in apparent mockery of John Tsang - to about 20 attendees as they drank champagne.

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