Lai 'messing up' democratic progress of HK

Top News | 17 Mar 2017

Charles Ho criticized Next Media founder Jimmy Lai Chee-ying for "dragging Hong Kong's democratic progress."

Ho warned Lai, pictured, to be careful, lest he becomes another Qu Yuan and "jump into the river to end his life."

Ho added: "But Hong Kong has no river, so it is 'jumping into the sea to end his life' instead. Lai is famous for accusing people of things they have not done. He makes a living through that."

Ho was referring to an article published by a Next Media magazine, claiming collusion between the Hong Kong Jockey Club and chief executive candidate Carrie Lam. Ho said the HKJC is an organization that has done lots of charity work.

"Hong Kong's seven million people, no matter if they are poor or rich, have all - to some extent - benefited from the club," Ho said. "How can Lai accuse this charity organization. Is he shameless?"

Ho also slammed Lai for accusing aspirant Woo Kwok-Hing of being a spy and agent.

"If Woo is a spy, then all Apple Daily reporters, including Lai, might also be spies."

He hit Lai for using "locust" [to describe the mainlanders' influx to Hong Kong], leading to the Occupy movement that "messed up" the SAR's democratic progress.

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