HK man moved to death island

Top News | 14 Mar 2017

A Hong Kong man and three mainlanders are among seven foreigners on death row who have reportedly been transferred to Indonesia's execution island, prompting fears the government may be preparing another round of firing squads.

Anika Cheung Lai-siu and China's Chen Weibiao, Xiao Jinzeng and Lo Tinyau were among those moved to Nusa Kambangan island, the site of previous recent executions, according to British newspaper The Guardian.

Human Rights watch said Frank Amado, a US citizen who faces the death penalty for drug trafficking, Malaysian citizen E Wee Hock and Frank Nwaomeka of Nigeria were also transferred.

There were no further details of what Lai was convicted of.

"This is a worrying development," Ricky Gunawan - director of the Community Legal Aid Institute, an organization in Jakarta that has worked with Human Rights Watch to monitor Amado's case - told The Guardian.

"But we can't be certain if it is part of preparations for executions, due to the lack of transparency that is just one of many problems with Indonesia's penal system."

No US citizen has ever been executed by Indonesia. After a halt on executions between 2009 and 2012, Indonesia has carried out three rounds of executions, the last of which took place in July 2016.

Four of 14 death row prisoners were executed, and legal experts in the country are still unsure why the other 10 had their deaths postponed.

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